We completely revamped the program. It features a lot of new content, perks, and fun provided by our professional players.

The brand new Legionfarm coaching program

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What we offer
You will be able to achieve any of your goals, and the journey will be pleasant.
Completely revamped coaching program with 30 lessons for each game, including materials and VOD reviews.
PRO players
Top-performing professional players with a variety of approaches in their arsenal to fit any of your goal.
Legionfarm ranking system with skill tests, milestones, and rewards.
Individual approach
You will receive a personalized program based on your schedule, goals, and gameplay style.
Hours with PROs cost less!
Within the package, your fixed hours will cost 20% less than the platform rate.
on any tariff
This program is designed to track your progress by measuring your Ranks, KD, and Wins. Based on your LF Ranking, you will receive Trophies and Recognition.

LF Ranking System

• Do a regular skill test to make sure your skills' level are evaluated regularly
• Check your VODs with PROs and provide a report on how to improve your skills and what to focus on
• Look after your gaming progress

Your coach will

• At the training ground
• In Multiplayer 1v1
• In Battle Royal

Skill tests can be held

Benefits you will get soon
Upcoming feature that will be added in June:
Free access to a new format of regular LF tournaments. Get fun, experience, and rewards every week.
Advantaged Support
You will get a prioritized queue in support chat for a faster response.
Special status on the platform
By achieving goals and improving your skills on the platform, you will be able to get special status on the platform. Website, Discord, personal page.
New games early access
Be the first to try new games on Legionfarm. We are planning to add some pretty great competitive games :)
Additional cashback on the package will be given to you as a balance on the platform.
How to apply?
Contact our manager to set up a personalized program to meet your requirements
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