Our professional players evaluate your skills during coaching sessions the VOD review. Based on this data, we build your personal development program.

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Improve.

In-game coaching session will consist of PRO's feedback with a client and learning specific skills while playing together.

In-game coaching

Our PRO will review your gameplay and share their feedback with you on how to improve it, and add new grades to your list of skills so you can track your progress

1 Free VOD review every month

We will schedule a coaching session that includes an evaluation of the client's skills


Watch video guides and learn


• 10% of training & 20% of feedback exchange, VOD reviews, and Content.
• 70% experiential: Most of the sessions happen in Pubs or Ranked Battle Royale with your Pros.
LF personal development program consists of:
This program is designed to track your progress by measuring your Ranks, KD and Wins. Based on your LF Ranking, you will receive Trophies and Recognition.

LF Ranking System

• Do a regular skill test to make sure your skills' level are evaluated regularly
• Check your VODs with PROs and provide a report on how to improve your skills and what to focus on
• Look after your gaming progress

Your coach will

• At the training ground
• Multiplayer 1v1
• Battle Royal

Skill test can be done

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